Lurking in Alleys

So many people in our class keep asking ” how do I find people to talk to? How can I find people to interview? Why is Molly so damn attractive all the time?”

Now there are good solid answers to all of those questions,” go to community meetings, Talk to police officers, she drinks the tears of virgins daily,” but none of those solid answers are how I got most of my interviews on my last trip.

I chose instead to lurk in an alley and ambush passersby.

Whenever I go out to report I always have a full hour of just wandering around timidly. To be fair my neighborhood is intimidating. As a 18 year resident of a sleepy suburb where the only homeless people I knew were were Harpo Marx characters, the Mission is a whole new world. I become a sort of city transcendentalist, a transparent eyeball, soaking up the surroundings.

Also I’m super shy.

Reporting so goes against everything girls are taught growing up,” Don’t talk to strangers, Don’t bother people, Blogging is the devil’s newspaper.” It’s hard to go against that kind of teaching.

So I lurked in an alley.

While walking past


3 responses to “Lurking in Alleys

  1. Well, I was really into that and then it just …. ended. I think it got cut off. I know what you mean about the Mission … It’s delicious. It’s an adventure. It’s dirty and can be dangerous at night. It’s magical. It’s crowded. It’s another world. It’s a foreign language. It’s hectic and loud and the food is cheap. I love it, too. Brava for you, too!

  2. The 500 Club is a good place to meet all kinds of locals. They have a nice warm fire there and cheap drinks. You can usually grab a small table and spread out, plug your laptop in and get your notes together.

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