NihonmachiROOTS Profile Plan

I plan to profile nihonmachiROOTS. It is an organization of progressive young people who focus on the big issues in Japantown, San Francisco. The main issue the group is focusing on is the redrafting of the Japantown Better Neighborhood Plan (BNP).

Japantown has always been a part of District 5, alongside the Fillmore and the rest of the Western Addition. But if proposals are passed prominent parts of Japantown from District 5 would move to District 2. Notable neighborhoods of District 2 include the Marina and Pacific Heights.

The Japanese Community Youth Building (JCYC) will be moved to District 2 if Japantown residents do not do something to stop this. nihonmachiROOTS is trying its best to get the community to stop this move from happening.

This upcoming March, nihonmachiROOTS is planning a week of action. Throughout the week of March 12 – 16, the group will lead people in online events to get the Redistricting Task Force’s attention. I plan to monitor their success and on March 17 leaders of the group will attend and talk to the Redistricting Task Force Meeting. I will attend and cover the event and add to my profile about their presence and the difference that they make.

I will of course explain more about the group I plan to profile. I know there was worry about not being able to get people from the group to talk to me but I already received e-mails from a member of the group Haruk Roudebush, who has agreed to get a few members to talk to me about their work and their impact.

I want to profile this group and tell their story, especially during the week of action leading up to the Redistricting Task Force Meeting.

Last Note: I would really like to thank Lindsay, for sending me the petition, which ultimately inspired my choice. Thanks Lindsay! 


2 responses to “NihonmachiROOTS Profile Plan

  1. No problem girl. It’s funny, I know some of those names you read in your story, those guys are great people. Glad you made some friends…ahem sources…

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