Who let the blogs out?

Who let the blogs out?

By Elisa Forsgren

I thought this post might help my fellow journalists with their blogs. Whenever I tackle a new subject I research to the point of exhaustion. Same goes for when I started blogging. I’ve had a blog here on WordPress since its first release in 2003 but I really haven’t done much blogging.

This semester my journalism classes have literally forced me to blog at the very least once a week.

So I took to my typical research which led me to the San Rafael library where I found a great source, “The Huffington Post Complete Guide to Blogging.”

The Huffington Post Rules for Great Blogging

  • 1. Blog often
  • 2. Perfect is the enemy of done – you develop stories quickly and gain feedback for more in-depth articles.
  • 3. Write like you speak – your blogs will sound like you and your personality will shine through.
  • 4. Focus on specific details
  • 5. Own your topic
  • 6. Know your audience
  • 7. Write short
  • 8. Become part of the conversation with like-minded blogs

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