Richmond mayor honors local youth poets

Good things are happening! I also got the meeting story published! (This is the link)

Richmond Confidential, the online publication run by Berkeley Journalism Graduate Students, used the story and today it is in their front page. Very exciting!

Again… I did not take any photos during the event… but now I know better!

I want to share a little podcast of an interview with one of the winners of the poetry contest, just follow the link to my tumblr.

Adrienne Chainey, junior at Salesian High School, won second place in the high school division of Richmond Writes! 2011 competition with her poem “What I give to you”.
On March 2, she recited her poem to the mayor of Richmond, Gayle McLaughlin, during the Meet with the Mayor monthly meeting at the M.F. Whittlesey Community Room at the Richmond Public Library.
“I wanted to give a more deep and more personal present to the latter generations,” said Chainey about her poem. “I know a lot of people tend to not have hope in themselves … I wanted to give them hope [to strive for] what they want to achieve.”